Green Home Builder

Frankel is the only custom home builder in The Woodlands that builds 100% of our homes to meet LEED for Homes standards. We’ve done this since 2010, and we do it with no additional charges to customers.

What is LEED for Homes?

Created in 2000 by the U.S. Green Building Council, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – better known as “LEED for Homes,” is a national certification program focusing on how green homes are designed and built across the country. The certification is designed to encourage the expansion of the number of homes constructed with the environment in mind. Compared to a traditionally built home, residences that meet LEED for Homes standards have a lower carbon footprint because they created for increased energy efficiency and sustainability.

All Frankel Homes are LEED Certified

We are proud that every home we design and construct meets LEED for Homes standards. This has been true since 2010, no matter the style, square footage, feature, or any other factor. Not only is Frankel only custom home builder in Houston to provide this benefit, which includes high-efficiency foam insulation, but we do so at no cost to you!


The Benefits of Green Building

There are several reasons we willingly and happily invest in the creation of LEED-certified custom homes, but all of the important ones center around take care of you – our client. With your LEED home from Frankel, you’ll enjoy fantastic perks like can deliver great benefits:

  • Improved air quality (fewer allergens for your family)
  • Increased return on investment (higher resale value)
  • Enhanced water efficiency (lower water bills)
  • Advanced energy efficiency (lower electric bill)

The real reason Frankel only creates green buildings?

As home construction experts, we believe LEED for Homes standards will only increase in value over just the next 10 years - both financially and socially. If you think you might ever sell your house in the future, LEED will most definitely give your house an edge in both value and price  — especially in Houston’s crowded housing market.